Antimicrobial Duct Cleaning treatment

Protect your home and HVAC system from bacteria and other harmful substances. 

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What’s An Anti-Microbial Treatment And Why Is It Needed?

An anti-microbial air duct treatment is a process in which an anti-microbial substance is applied to the interior surfaces of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) ductwork to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and other microorganisms.

The treatment is designed to improve indoor air quality, prevent contamination, and maintain a cleaner and healthier environment. Anti-microbial treatments offer several benefits, particularly in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are crucial. 

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Anti-Microbial Benefits

Here are some of the benefits to having an Anti-Microbial treatment done.

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Cleaning your air ducts and dryer vents on a regular basis extends the life-time of both your furnace and dryer while increasing the efficiency of both units. On top of that, it’ll decrease surface dust, help eliminate bacteria, mold or mildew, get’s rid of musty smells and odors, and lowers the risk of a potential house fire. Our residential Utah services handle all of these things, so give us a call today!

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